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So I had to do a follow up on my post from the 10th of June about Vibe Magazine's, The Best Rapper Ever competition. Its become evident that my comments in that post irked a few readers. People we're like gurl what do you mean my take on rap music is lame, just cuz my fave rappers are Eminem and Canibus? I managed to ruffle some feathers from Massachusetts's right through to Berlin. Well what can I say, that's what I do best. If you're waiting for me to say something that's pleasing to you're ear well you best not hold you're breath.

In that last post I meant what I said, and I said what I meant so you won't get an apology from me. To borrow a line from Jay- Z 'sensitive thugs, ya'll need hugs'. So you better turn to you're mother and complain about how I hurt you're feelings over dinner and then biatch about me like a real hater.

Even after I explained what Hip Hop, what real rap music is. I mean I even gave you a Mona Lisa analogy. I painted you a picture but you're still mad at me? LMFAO.

For my Latin people you understand when I say it's like comparing Celia Cruz to Selena Gomez. For my Jamaican folks (Jah Bless) its like comparing Bob Marley to Jason Mraz. Right now there are a whole lot of Latin and Jamaican folks laughing their azzes off at the very thought of those comparisons. I mean how do you compare the creator to the impersonator?

But hey I'm not going to be selfish. I'm going to share with you the knowledge and the perspective of the original lovers of rap music. How can you even call yourself trying to vote on the 'Best Rapper Ever' when you think Hip Hop originated from the Bronx. I mean are you really serious? West African's were bumping hip hop from day one (my best ninja Kell can vouch for that). This was the same stuff that went on to inspire the stuff that came out of the Bronx, Jamaican Reggae and the Latin version; Reggaeton. Even if you're not up on your history like that then you should at least know about the Sugar Hill Gang, Big Daddy Kane, Doug E. Fresh, KRS One, Chuck D, N.W.A etc. At least please say that you know why they are called rappers? Oh you don't know! Well it comes from the concept of - to rap- as in to conversate. And yes it is political.

The ultimate example of the dialogue and the activism that fueled REAL rap, REAL hip hop is in this address by Tupac. Watch the Video . This video is the truth. All of us who lives this, know this. Whether we speak French, English, Spanish or whatever else; once you're even 1% black then your black. Period. All you have to do is speak to an Afro-Colombian, Afro-Cuban, Afro-Australian, Afro-European etc and they'll tell you (that's if they trust you)! Even in 2009 they'll tell you, yea we've lived here all our life but we are the poorest, the most marginalized and the list goes on. After watching this video are you seriously going to say that these other rappers could hold a candle to that? Ninja please. Those fools had a life so sweet that the only enemy they ever had to rap about was their Mother? Their only battle was with a closet? C'mon people.

I wanted to share another video that encapsulates the culture of real hip hop. Its from one of the creators of modern day hip hop ; KRS One. Although his not on my list I can listen to this guy conversate for hours. When you watch the video below you will know what I mean. And watching the video is a must. He comes in at approximately the 6 minute mark to deliver what is undoubtedly the definitive speech on the evolution, history and future of hip hop.

KRS breaks it down to its molecular structure. Right down to the atom (you must watch it all the way to the end to really get it). I mean you will learn more in this 1.5hr vid then you could spending 10 years in university/ college (for the US readers).

The two major points that he makes are;

1. Compliment instead of degrading those that stand beside you.
2. Be charitable. Give you're talent away.

I mean this dude epitomizes how a real rapper operates. He entertains, engages, teaches and promotes change. There is a super funny bit in there about Sigmund Freud being a crack head looooooool.

He makes prophetic points about the future of hip hop music. That is; there are a lot more people out there who know about hip hop then those that can actually rap. So you have issues with digital technology cutting into their profits etc. But he states (this is NOT verbatim) that those people have a real problem. If it's just about the money and not about the purpose then you're screwed! If the purpose is not to be a real emcee and lyricist, but rather to be a ring tone rapper, then your longevity is gravely compromised.

The part I love the most is where he explains why it has to be more then just about having a J.O.B or about having money. Because you can't endure if that is your sole motivation, your sole purpose. I mean if you've ever owned a BMW, Mercedes and have earned more money at the age of 23 then most 50 year olds have seen in their whole lives; then you get it. You become less interested with materialistic things then. You're like I did that, so what's next? You see the bigger picture then, and you become less preoccupied with fulfilling your base needs and more concerned with seeing your true purpose right through to the end. That's growing.

Watch the vid the whole way through I guarantee that you will learn more than you possibly thought you could ever know CLICK HERE

Also watch some more vids of Tupac to understand the activism and conversation that is real rap music.

Tupac talks poverty, black legacy, greed, karma, & justice.

Tupac's Keep Ya Head Up (Although this was only a few years ago, Tupac's prophecy about the 'race of babies that hate the ladies' has been realized. I mean spend just 10 mins in upstate NY and you will see this self-hatred in full effect)!

Tupac on why people are angry

Tupac speaks on importance of fathers & more (At the 5 minute mark there's amazing insight about community housing and ghetto style neighborhoods)

Tupac defines the rap battle record

Tupac prophecy.

Here is the link to the Vibe Magazine voting site again- CLICK HERE.

Even though my sentiment is the same, that if the only rappers you listen to are Eminem and Canibus, then your take on rap music is lame. No scratch that, your take on rap music is bound to be bogus and super shady (pun intended). But I feel like even though you're more pissed about what you just read here today, at least you're better informed. And make no mistake, there is a very real possibility that Eminem will take out the crown courtesy of all the good ol' boys who are the target demographic of his music. And you thought you had a reason to be mad before? Lol.


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