Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Today the Wall Street Journal published an article about the construction of eco-barriers in Brazil. According to the Brazilian government the purpose of the walls is to protect and preserve the expansive rain forest. However many Brazilian's are saying that it's a cover to enforce geographical Apartheid between the Ghetto's (known as favelas) and the more prosperous suburbs and cities.

Once completed this $10 Milli project will leave only a few exit points for those living in the favelas. The most poignant part of this article for me was the reference to a construction worker who contemplates how he will cross the wall that he is building. The article reads...

'While laying cinder blocks on a hillside with sweeping views of Rio, Mr. da Silva says, he has had time to think about how to get over the wall he's helping to build. Grabbing some paper, he diagrammed one idea -- break a series of footholds into the cinder blocks. Another idea: Tie a rope to a tree on the other side'.

It's disappointing that while the rest of the world is attempting to break down walls, Brazil is choosing to erect them. Although environmental conservation is a must, I'm inclined to believe that there are more reasonable solutions. Since 1999 I've been wanting to travel to Brazil to attend the Carnival De Rio. I'm still keen to get there (not to mention to the Caribbean for some serious wave running), but I never thought that I might have to scale a wall to get to certain parts of the country.

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