Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, its no secret that my family and i are addicted to Guitar hero and Guitar hero world tour. Everyone from my 5 year old twin cousins right through to my aunties will fight over a guitar or a microphone whenever guitar hero or the world tour is in the room. Did i mention that they are always in the room, at every family function and get together. 

About two weekends ago however, whilst at my cousins bday party, i was chatting to Brad (my other cousin) and i was saying that their should be an urban version of guitar hero (he's only 15 so he loves these types of convo's). He asks me how would that work because few hip hop & r&b songs use live guitar and drums etc. I respond by saying that all you would need is a mixing deck and a couple of mic's and that would make a kick aZz game.

Fast forward two weeks and the game DJ Hero is released. It's like the folks from Activision (makers of DJ Hero), were ears dropping on our convo. This new release is set to take over the gaming world, if the release party is anything to go by. Celeb's such as Jay Z, Rihanna, Taraji Henson and others showed up and Jay Z performed an amazing set during the DJ Hero concert. 


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