Tuesday, June 23, 2009


With more than 200 million active users, the social site Facebook (FB) has irrevocably changed the landscape of social networking in both the real and the virtual sense. It allows you to connect with friends and family all over the globe and to build a presence for your business ventures.

My girls and I all love FB. We stay up until all hours of the night using FB chat, using the various astrological & tarot reading applications and sending each other cute little virtual gifts. However there is one thing that we seriously disagree about and that's the trend towards inappropriate conduct.

More specifically my homegurl Keke and I got into a hectic argument because I asked her 'Hey why don't you update your relationship status to being engaged'? You've been with your man for a long time so why are you fronting? So of course she came up with a gang of reasons to justify her suspect behavior.

We all know these people. They build a virtual life for themselves online that is completely fraudulent. And then they add or accept friends who know what their real life looks like and those people are like nuh uhhhhh. What crack pipe is this one smoking? But the thing is most people won't call you out on it, not me though. I have a big mouth so I'm quick to ask those friends to put an end to the insanity.

Some of the lamest excuses I've heard as to why some people try to hide their relationship status on FB include;

1. I use FB to market my music, movies etc so I don't want to mix business with pleasure.

2. I don't know how to update it.

3. I don't think its anybody elses business but my own.

4. I haven't had time to update it.

Oh gawd we all laughed so hard when we heard these pathetic excuses. Keep in mind that majority of the people on their FB contact list are friends and family who have already met their respective partners. Moreover they have been a member of the site for over a year and log on almost everyday. So even blind Freddy could see that their motives are supa shady.

How famous are you on Facebook that you need to hide your partners? The biggest musicians, actors and celebrities in the world all parade their partners, so WTF are you talking about.

You've got a loving woman/man at home and you would disrespect them to get some diseased piece of virtual booty. Ninja please.

I'll tell you like I told Keke; your grimey, your grubby and yes everyone is calling you a skank & a hoe behind your back. Not me though, because I'll tell you that ISH to your face. But don't get mad at the mirror because you don't like the reflection staring back at you.

We'd love to get your feedback on this topic. If you know anyone who acts dirty online or you are one of those people, then please write to me and let me know what your thinking? Send your emails to newsninja@yahoo.com


BiGdaddy said...

My girlfriend changed her status to in a relationship after reading this post. It made her see what she was doing is so bad.

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