Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Haitians have mounted an intense protest along the Haitian-Dominican border, to campaign against the government of the Dominican Republic (DR), who recently destroyed Haitian grown crops in the Dajabon region.

The Haitian farmers maintain that due to recent natural disasters their farming land has been destroyed, and the Dajabon region that they were farming had long been abandoned by the DR government and people. Critics and observers have even accused the DR of destroying the Haitian crops as a form of jealous retribution because the U.S is issuing a special category of Visa's for Haitians, affected by the natural disasters.

One commentator explained it as your basic case of sour grapes. He goes on to say that the people and government of the DR are bitter that Haitians have been issued free entry into the United States, while DR's are still crossing the border illegally and being deported by the boat load. What the DR doesn't realize according to this commentator is that, the Haitians have a valid reason for seeking asylum in the US.


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