Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Mariah's dropped her latest track Obsessed. This is def going to be on heavy rotation on all the radio stations real soon. Not even going to lie, I'm a long time fan of Mariah. I have been a fan dating back to her first album in 1990, was a fan even when Mottola tried to hide the fact that she's half black from the world, when the world found out she was half black and tried to boycott her, when she went slightly crazy after the whole Glitter fiasco right through to the present day. I've always enjoyed her tracks and I'm digging this one also.

This track's going to do well not only because it is genuinely a good song (strong vocals, beats, arrangement, lyricism etc), but also because it takes a massive swipe at Eminem. I bust out laughing when she called him 'lame' and compared his career to a 'Mom & Pop store' whilst hers was a 'corporation'. Loves it! It's about time she answered back to all of Eminem's hateration. Considering that she outsells his records at a ratio of a bazillion to one; slim shady is going to be pissed that she's raining down on his hating and the free world is going to have it on tape, CD, MP3 and its going to be rotating on radio 24/7.

As Fabolous would say Da-da-da-dayumnnnnn

To listen to the song CLICK HERE

Also check out the remix with Gucci Mane (My fave cut of the song) CLICK HERE


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