Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This morning i woke up to an email that read... "Hey CanCan ur twin Vashtie is in the news again". Attached to the email were several pics of Vashtie's recent shoot for 'Honey Mag'.

Since her relationship with ex-boy Pharrell was made public, friends and acquaintances have been insisting that i bear an uncanny resemblance to this chick. I honestly don't see it. Not that i would mind, she is beautiful but we really don't look alike. However she is now circling her way back to main stream media so i thought it would be worthwhile doing a brief profile on her.

Basic Info

Name: Vashtie Kola

Age: 25

Resides: In NYC

Background: Her mother is from Trinidad

Relationships: Was Pharrell's official chick for awhile and has recently been linked to Q-Tip (who you can see with her in the pic directly below)


Big Break: Being appointed the Director of Creative Services for Def Jam. Her job description was basically to overhaul the image of the label and to ensure that the label remained current and relevant.

Famous For: Styling Billionaire Boys Club, Music video treatments for 'Us Placers' & rapper Common just to name a few.

Current Projects: Co-founder of popular social night 1992, Designer of her own fashion line Violette, and she is also undertaking independent creative consulting work for major contacts that she cultivated during her time at Def Jam. 

Why she's the next big thing?

Vashtie has contacts that read like the who's, who of the music industry. She's original and fearless with her vision. So whilst others are trying to keep up with the trends, she's the one setting them! 

Check out the recent pics of her in Honey mag below. I so want her nameplate knuckle dusters! 

To find out more about Vashtie and her work, hit up some of her sites...


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