Monday, June 1, 2009


I'm sure you guys have already heard that the Californian Supreme Court has upheld Proposition 8's ban on gay marriage.

I just had to create a post on this absurd legalization of hate and bigotry.

Most people who are against Proposition 8 (ie. in favor of gay marriage), will support their point of view by launching into convoluted speeches about how homosexuality is not a choice, and who are we to punish people because of the way God made them yada yada yada.

My point of view is simply this, who are we to deny love?

You guys all know by now that I am pro marriage and completely against people who break up other people's homes. I feel this same way whether or not it's a homosexual or heterosexual marriage.

Who the muck are these people, going around creating laws that stop others who are in love from getting married?

I mean love is so hard to find. Its so difficult to find someone who will love you through good times and bad. Sometimes you think you've found that someone but at any given time they will say to you I don't love you, I never loved you and I want to leave you just because they met someone with a peroxide and fake tan addiction.

If somebody can find someone to love them, willing to spend the rest of their lives with them, and to be faithful and loyal to them; then who are we to say they can't get married? Most heterosexual people betray their relationships, marriages or never even find someone to be with them at all. So i dare say heterosexual people are definitely not qualified to make decisions on whom should or should not get married!!!

Dio Mio! Gay, straight, black, white, latino we are all people. Just let us live.

Read more about Proposition 8 by clicking here

What are your thoughts on gay marriage?


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