Friday, June 19, 2009


Shaq has allegedly bought his wife Shaunie O'neal a jet valued at $30- $40 milli. The lavish machine apparently even has her likeness represented on the side.

This muthachucker must have messed up really bad. Again. When you've been with a guy for long enough and all of the sudden he starts buying gifts out the blue you know something really shady is taking place. If my boo comes home with a happy meal that I didn't ask for I'm like oh lawd what did he do now? But if he came home with a jet I'd be like boop, passed out on the floor. Cause that's when you know there's baby mama drama's, accusations of cross dressing and stuff that your innocent eyes shouldn't read about, let alone have to go through. Think back to when Kobe Bryant bought his wife a $4 milli diamond ring after he was accused of raping that chick. But then they found out he just did the dirty dirty with her on the low. Imagine how much griminess $40 milli can buy?

Here is the alleged plane below. It is appears to be an amazing piece of Machinery.


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