Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Vibe magazine has opened up the voting lines for the Best Rapper Ever award. This is a much coveted title that gives the best rappers the accolades and recognition that they have worked for. You all know that i was quick to get in there and lodge my vote!

My top 10 best rappers of all time are;

1. Tupac
2. Lil Wayne
3. Jay Z
4. Notorious B.I.G
5. Lauryn Hill
6. NAS
7. T.I
8. Kanye West
9. Run D.M.C
10. Chuck D

My list is based on the timelessness and relevance of the rappers lyrics, message and influence. Tupac is number one. His music gave black people a platform whilst the media and the mainstream consciousness was trying to exclude and delete them. Tupac spoke on what it was to be black and offered motivation and wisdom to help us all get by. He was one of the rare rappers to speak about and care about the people and issues that everyone else was trying to dismiss.

Some of my favorite Tupac quotes and lyrics are;

'Now do they love me momma? Why they keep on calling me nigga? I get my weight up 
with my hate and pay them back when I bigger'. 
'And as long as I stay black I gotta stay strapped, and 
I never get to lay back'
'You see, you wouldn't ask why the rose that grew from
 the concrete had damaged petals.
 On the contrary, we would all celebrate it's tenacity. 
We would all love it's will to reach 
the sun. Well, we are the roses - this is the concrete - and these are 
my damaged petals. 
Don't ask me why, thank God nigga, ask me how! Hahahaha..'
'Only God can judge me.'
'I believe that everything that you do bad comes back to you'
'If you fall stand tall and come back for more'
'You gotta find a way to survive cuz they win when your soul dies'
'I make sure everybody die, when we ride on 
our enemies'

When i first heard Tupac it changed my life because I realized that there was another person alive who had the same thoughts as me running through their mind. I wasn't the only one asking my Mother if they don't love me because I'm black. For those rappers that are coming up today work on making music that will stand the test of time. Talk to the kids about the tough topics that everyone is too scared or too in denial to address. They will remember you for that. They should understand that nobody will recall songs about your poker face, but if you give them music to which they can relate that's when you can come in first place. I look at my nephew who is only 3. His half Mauritian and South African but his already saying that black is yucky and white is pretty, because that's what they taught him When his old enough his going to search for something to believe in. Somebody to talk to him and give him a reason. I hope that rap music will be there for him and not just feeding him garbage lyrics like 'We Made You'.

To cast your vote
click here. But please refrain from voting if the only rap music you've ever listened to is Eminem & Canibus because the chances are you're take on rap music will be lame. You need to understand that rap music is an art, like paint on a canvas real rap music is like lyrics weaved into a tapestry that tell a timeless story. Like art enthusiasts will weep whilst looking at the Mona Lisa; real rap music can bring the listener to tears, and change them in a way so that they will never be the same again. When the greatest minds in history first began they too we're misunderstood. Shakespeare, Van Gogh, Einstein and Newton we're ridiculed and labeled as mentally unstable or even perverted during their day but now they are revered as the greatest minds of all time. Its simply because their genius was so potent that they were generations ahead of their time so the mundane minds shunned and rejected them because they were just too stupid to get it. Time will show that the genius of rappers like Tupac and Lauryn hill was so far ahead of its time and these individuals will be held up as the modern day thinkers and artists.


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