Saturday, July 18, 2009


I wanted to spotlight Tanzanian architect Dave Adjaye. I am in awe of his work. A fusion of modern minimalism and cultural symbolism; I would one day love to have this artist design my home.

Below is one of David's most famous designs: The Lost House in London.

The street facade is pictured in the first image below. The unassuming entry way is what makes this architectural structure the masterpiece that it is. It creates a dialogue on the duplicity of appearances and that by venturing beyond the exterior we can be rewarded with an interior that is indeed unforgettable. So in short it is itself a social commentary. If we dare to look beyond the prescribed norms of what is attractive (etc. fake hair color, fake boobs, anorexic appearance and all that other bull ish) then we might actually see true beauty (etc. the loyalty of a friend who doesn't abandon you even when you are at your lowest, the tenderness of a partner who knows your worst character traits but loves you despite it all).

The use of light is one of David's architectural signatures.

My fave- the lime green sunken cinema.

This design feature in the image below harnesses color therapy principles of green as a harmonious color that promotes an atmosphere of understanding and compassion. Qualities that are conducive to a happy family home.

For this reason you can see why Adjaye has elevated his architecture to the level of art. Because you may find other architects who create asthetically pleasing structures but then they slap on red paint all over the walls or color scheme. Which turns out to be a total disaster for family homes or places of work as the color red is known to promote aggressiveness, devicivness and hostility if used in large quantities or used incorrectly (the most common occurence).


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