Thursday, July 9, 2009


As expected my initial post on Facebook Foolishness struck a very raw nerve. Many readers (funny folks that you are) promptly forwarded the post to their friends who were Facebook fronting. The ripple effect that ensued was nothing short of amazing! So many people still persist on defending and pretending that their conduct is not at all grimey.

For those who have just tuned in, you can click here to read the first story. Basically it was just a post about an argument between one of my friends and me, regarding bad behavior on Facebook. Such as pretending you're single when you're not by neglecting to update your dating, engaged or marriage status. I'm proud to say that my home gurl in question eventually made the update; but it took a whole lot of convincing from me, her fiance and other people with correct ethics on how to behave.

After all its common knowledge that those Facebook phoney's are the ones who are online whoring, I mean all you have to do is run through their friends list and see. That there are at least 3-5 people on there that they are having a dirty affair with, setting inappropriate meetings with or talking grimey ish too. I mean maybe your man or woman is a spastic who can't read good, but where I'm from we don't play that ambiguos relationship status bull ish. Save that for those other retards you messing with. Because we will call you out on your bull ish.

Stop lying because we all know how it works. We get approached on Facebook too you silly dummie. But the difference is we make a conscious decision not to act so bummie. Aint no one getting famous from being a Facebook slurry.

I was thoroughly entertained by the new and ever creative list of excuses that were invented by the people who responded to the first post. Can't you see I was just baiting ya'll. I'm just laughing at ya'll. We were like watch the lames come out and try to defend their shady games! I'm not even going to bother posting up their new list of stupid reasons, for disrespecting the ones that are stupid enough to love em.

All I will say is this 'I DON'T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE'!!!


runthestreets said...

go head and tellem.

Anonymous said...

Classic post. You have a wicked sense of humor

Keep it sexy said...

O hellz yeah, to all those hoe bitches still faking single on face book get your std infested poutang out of online denial and realize you look real stOOpid. Creepy, creepy whores.

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