Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Republicans recently took to the blogs to launch a series of racist rants against Barack and Michelle Obama's eldest daughter; Malia.

The blog Free Republic posted a photograph of the 11 year old wearing a shirt with the peace sign on it (see similar pic above) and the commentators went on to make remarks such as;

"A typical street whore."

"A bunch of ghetto thugs."

"Ghetto street trash."

"Wonder when she will get her first abortion."

This story was emailed to me by people who were shocked and horrified that adults could so viciously attack a young child or make such blatant generalizations about a person based just on their choice of clothes.

As for me, I'm not shocked at all. I'm not saying its right, its just that this type of disgusting racism has become the norm. If you guys recall a few weeks ago I wrote about the now defunct Vibe Magazine's 'Best rapper ever competition'; and I included a short oration by Tupac which I said defined the hip hop movement click here to view the video clip. And then people came at me saying that a lot of things have changed since 1993 and that it's not like black people walking the streets are viewed as thugs and niggaz anymore!

Well unfortunately those people were wrong and I was right. I say unfortunately because I wish that the world had changed. However we are in 2009 and a little black girl (albeit the daughter of the U.S President and leader of the free world) is viewed as a ghetto, thug, whore when she wears a shirt supporting peace on it.

I'm not surprised by this because in 1989 I begged and pleaded until my mother bought me a hyper-color shirt with a peace sign on it. Don't front, you know what hyper-color is. When I wore it out the parents in my predominately white neighborhood stared at me like I was selling crack or something. I mean you have no idea how mean they could be and I was just a seven year old girl riding my bicycle in the turning cirlce. The next summer however their daughters decided that they wanted to wear peace signs too and guess what it went from being a complete no, no to the right way to go. I was like nu uhhh. Even as a seven year old I knew that was not right.

Mark my words though by next summer all the bleached, fake tanned up air heads are going to be rocking that same peace sign T-shirt; fresh from their holiday in the islands where they had the natives braid up their hair. Then the peace sign on a shirt won't be a ghetto thug look, it will be a runway craze. Sometimes I feel like a martian in this place. I wonder how other people can stomach this hypocrisy, I feel like just vomiting over all of it.

Aside from the fashion element there is the issue of this girls age. She is only 11 years old and is being subjected to such a barrage of racist taunts. I think there is a special place in hell for people who victimize young children. Whether you just tease, taunt or beat on someone younger then you; I believe the Karma headed your way is enough to make you wish you were never born. It doesn't matter if your related to that young child or if they are a perfect stranger, but to mistreat a young child is to spit in the eye of God. Because every child, is a child of God. It doesn't matter if your a Christian, Muslim, Buddhist, Jew or Hindu; I know that you know what I mean.


Racism is ignorance said...

Completely shocked that grown adults could racially attack a young child especially now that we are in 2009. She is not just some rock kicker she is the Presidents daughter. As a white woman who is a republican i am shocked and embarrassed and i apologize to her and her family.

Keep it sexy said...

These fucking racist rednecks need to be checked. Obama need to get the secret service all up in they asses

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