Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Race Card: Bi-Racial Blues

This video was sent to me by someone who obviously wanted to give me a good laugh. Whoever you are, thank you kind stranger.

In my best Justin Timberlake voice I'm singing Cry Me a River after watching this video.

Who really cares about this ISH?

I come from an island where a majority of the people are mixed with at least 3 different races. FCK biracial issues what do you do when you're like 3,4, or 5 different races.

Not to sound insensitive but Mauritians would laugh these clowns out of the building. Is this some kind of hoax. Is Ashton Kutcher behind this mess?

I really don't know what to say about these special ed candidates.

All I know is this is what child neglect looks like. Please, please parents hug your children and pay them some special attention every now and then. Because when they get out into the real world I know for damn sure that our friendly Caucasian counterparts will clear up any racial ambiguity that your child is having, quickly and in a hurry.

My fave is the chick with the East African slim braids (approx 2.18 mark) discussing how she never really has one foot on either side of the court. Not to be abrupt but take those slim braids to your local tennis court and the friendly folks will clarify exactly what side of the court you are on.

Ahahaha. What is really going on? This is too much. Ahahaha.


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