Sunday, July 19, 2009


The results are in on the Vibe Magazines 'Best Rapper Ever' Competition. As predicted Eminem aka Slim Shady took out the title.

I've been thinking about how to approach this post; like should I be chill, nonchalant or just ignore it all together? Well I decided that I would just be straight up, I mean why start pulling punches with my readers now.

Eminem is the best rapper ever? Now that's some serious fuckerry!!!

In that case I'm the best merengue and salsa dancer ever. I've attended a gazillion Quinceanera's (right of passage party for 15 year olds), and I cut a rug so fierce that all the Tio's and their cousins were lining up to dance with me. So Vibe magazine better get to it and crown me the best there ever was!

Whilst they're at it they better hand over the best sociological researcher ever award. I killed those subjects at university.

To all the up and coming rappers, to be voted the best there ever was make sure that you hate your mother and frequently have run in's with inanimate objects like closets and the like.

Eminem is the best rapper that there ever was? To the left with all that ISH.


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