Saturday, August 8, 2009


Stalker Check is the latest Facebook (FB)application to cause a mini-frenzy. Thousands of people rushed to become a fan and to download this application.

All those folks who were convinced that they are FB superstars downloaded the app, only to find out that all it did was show you which friends interacted with their Facebook the most! That is, how frequently friends post to their walls, comment, send requests to them. It doesn't actually track page views because that would be against FB policy.

I'm confuzzeled by people's thought processes sometimes. Why would you consider a FB friend a stalker if they posted to your wall, commented on your photos and the like. I mean you either added them or accepted their friends request in the first place. So considering this and the fact that the app doesnt show you who views your page and how often, there's just no logic to this. These self-important jerk, water birds confuse the hell outta me!

The most interesting thing about this app however is that it pulls all of the users profile information, it doesn't do what it promies and those who download it will be clueless as fucc when their accounts get hacked. Talking bout oh no who could possibly want to hack my account and then get started on all these conspiracy theories about how people are trying to destroy them. Illogical bishes irk me. I swear.


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