Saturday, August 29, 2009


Lala Vasquez has been labeled a sell-out and a fake because of a celebrity blog entry that she wrote for the Global Grind. Her blog was entitled 'I'm Proud To Be a Latina Women' and it was written to celebrate the appointment of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court.

This blog sparked a major backlash from people who said it's all good and well that you are celebrating and appreciating this achievement, but for so long in your career you played the 'black girl' card, so when do we get to read a blog by Lala that says 'I am proud to be a black woman'? Many critics said she pushed the black girl image to gain credibility as a video DJ, she is married to a black NBA player and her career and friendships are deeply rooted in the black community who have supported and bolstered her dreams. Why all of the sudden is she so quick to neglect that side of who she is as soon as she gets some limelight?

Personally, I really couldn't care less. I mean Lala is right to celebrate and appreciate the history making appointment of Sotomayor. This is a once in a life time thing, and we were alive to witness it. This is something definitely worth celebrating regardless of where you come from in the world.

The other reason why her blog doesn't phase me is because I have a firm grasp on the distinction between ethnicity and race. For those who don't know here is a very basic run down;

Race: Is based on your skin color, facial type, cranial profile, texture of your hair etc. (Official races are black, white, asian, native Indian, southern Indian)

Ethnicity: Is the culture, language, food, religion and so forth (Hispanic, Pacific Islander...)

So you could have a black, latina with an Australian nationality. In this instance their race is black, their ethnicity is hispanic and they have an Aussie passport.

I felt moved to blog about this because recently I was questioned about the way I fill out documents that enquire about my race. I only tick one race when in actual fact I am a product of 3 races, one ethnicity and one nationality. For me the answer is simple because that is what i identify with the most. It is representative of my skin color, hair texture and my everyday experiences. So I can't fault Lala because she identifies with her ethnicity before her race. I mean how can we say to her well no you're not Latina because you look black and you live black? Shouldn't she be the one to decide that? You can have your opinion but the decision is hers to make.

Check out a clip below... in this one Lala gets real ghetto at a basketball game, because she alleges that the women behind her were hurling racial slurs towards her and her son...


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