Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Dolores Dice is the Latina love doctor giving out much needed counsel and advice to young lovers.

She recently received a letter which I wanted to share with you guys, because the advice she provides in her response is one that everyone needs to heed...

Dear Dolores:

My brother is dating a Latina of mixed racial background. She looks black but is really Puerto Rican, Dominican and Jamaican. Is it okay for my 100 percent Mexican brother to date her?

—Chicana on the Web

Dear Chicana:

I can’t believe I’m answering this question again! What’s the matter with you? How can we, as Latinos, expect respect for diversity from society at large if we are unable to respect it and celebrate it among ourselves? If your brother loves this beautiful girl and wants to date her, he doesn’t need your—or my—approval. Thank God love is still blind.

—Enough already! Caramba! D

This is phenomenal advice and a very wise view point from Dolores Dice. As a black woman who is engaged to an amazing Nicaraguense, I can definitely say that many people have been quite negative and bigoted about our interracial love. However I have always been one to say that those people can bite me because black and brown love is a beautiful thing and its here to stay, so they can choke on it.

Also I really enjoyed one of the comments left by the readers of Dolores's blog...

Guayabita said...

Buena pendeja, so wat if she is black? cause lemme tell u as a "100 percent Mexican" or watever the hell that means ur not considered white urself. . .I myself am Dominican, and even tho im not black, i have the conscience of mind to at least acknowledge my African roots and my mixed racial makeup .. . .She probably looks better than u and ur hatin !

Ahahaha. Loves it. Especially the bit where she says 'Buena pendeja'!



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