Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Tameka J. Raymond has written an essay for the Huffington Post entitled 'She's Pretty for a dark-skinned girl'.

I had to share this with you guys. Her essay is an insightful and necessary look at the skin color issues plaguing our communities.

I want to share this also for all the girls who like me, have been approached by guys with lame pick up lines like 'Wow you are a very sexy and pretty black woman' or greeted by new aquaintances who would remark, 'You're a lot darker then your mother but you are just as pretty though'. Seriously what kind of mentally challenged, special Ed candidate says that garbage anyways. Where do they make these spastics at?!?!

The point is beauty has no color. A beautiful woman is just that, a beautiful woman. Don't be slow minded and preface it with references to their skin tone or hair texture etc. After all, the exterior is just the wrapping; all of the good stuff is on the inside =)

Expand your mind. Read her essay here ...


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