Thursday, October 8, 2009


By now most of you guys have seen this lame AZZ Michael Jackson tribute that screened on Australian TV. For the late comers, basically 5 dudes went on Aussie TV with their faces painted black in an attempt at comedy and as a tribute to Michael Jackson (I call on the tribute bit). Anwhoo heaps of people were offended by this around the world and Aussies are saying no this isn't racism this is our just our pathetic sense of humour.

So before I get into it I just want to let it be know that I'm an Australian citizen. Did I think it was funny? No. Was I offended? No. I don't give a flying fucc about what any biatch azz crackaz think. Why am I writing about it? Because everyone is like OMGEEE you must be so ashamed at how retarded and backwards your country is, it must have taken you completely by surprise.

Am I surprised by this NO. I've been seeing dumb like this for aslong as I remember. Since primary school. Even at my last very corporate job, the department manager came dressed up in black face paint to the Christmas party... I mean this is how fuccing retarded some of these folks are. Not switched on enough to think hey, given that we have a reputation of murdering and oppressing innocent Aboriginals, perhaps dressing up like this may not be in the best taste?

Am I surprised that most Australians didn't think it was offensive? Hell to the NO. Just look at the audience pictured below...

Do I think that all Australian's are innately racist? No. Some Aussies are cool peeps. However my definition of Australian extends beyond the bleached up and orange fake tan Aussies the media insists on portraying as the norms. It includes all Australians such as the African, European, Latino and Asian Australians who recognize that yes we are different, but we are all just humans who need to respect each other and be sensitive to each others cultural differences.

A perfect example of this is when Australian radio host Kyle Sandilands made a comment about the concentration camps and all Aussies spoke out in defence of the Jewish people and Sandilands was actually suspended from his job and disciplined.

But isn't it funny that the skit on Hey, Hey it's Saturday is perceived as just a joke. Wasn't Kyle Sandilands just 'trying to be funny' also?

Hmmmm is there a double standard? Abso-fuccing-lutely.

The best thing that will come out of this is an open debate about the racist tendancies of a country which always claims that it is so tolerant of other races due to multi-culturalism. Now the world will see, that yes Australia is a racially diverse nation, but YES it is also a racist nation. Was the skit intended just as a joke? Yes I believe it was. That is the problem in and of itself. In time I hope that Australia will be self-actualised enough as a nation to see why it just was NOT funny!!!

Much credit to Harry Connick Jnr for standing up and voicing his opinion.


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