Thursday, October 1, 2009


T-Pain has released a remix to Drakes 'Successful' entitled 'Be More Careful'.

In this song he explains why he went up against Jay Z and basically apologizes. Pain also talks about how people say his wife is average looking and they hate on her because she is light skin, and then says his the only one in the industry using dark girls in his videos.

My take = much respect to him for stepping up, addressing the beef with Jay Z and protecting his music career. Also love that he defended his wife but the verse would have held more weight if he said fucc what ya'll think you might think she's average but to me she's a sexy queen and so forth. Rather than agreeing ok my chick is average, but she was with me from the beginning so that's why I'll never leave. He should have said my woman is the real deal. She's a ride or die type of girl who'd kill for her nicca and she the sexiest chick I ever seen, that's why I put a ring on that and made her my son's mama biatches. And on the whole using dark girls in his videos, I mean does he think his doing anyone a favour? Those women are beautiful. Stunning women like that would have made it with or with out him.

Seriously these nicca's are in for a surprise. I'm hanging out for the day when my dark skin sisters revolt on these mutherchuckers, but I digress. Google those pics of Kelly Rowland with David Guettera at MOBO and you'll understand exactly what I mean!!!


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