Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Since the on-going relationship between Ciara and 50 cent was put on blast by LoveSac owner, I started thinking about the recent trend amongst younger celebs to keep their relationships a secret.

Angela Simmons and Rob Kardashian have emphatically denied that they are a couple, instead insisting that they are good friends who like to hang out. Yet week after week a new photo hits the blogs of the two out on dates, kissing and hugging.

For years now, Cassie and Diddy have maintained that they are only business associates who have built a friendship. However, much like Simmons and Kardashian they are snapped hugged up on a regular basis.

So why do they go to all of the trouble to lie about something which is so blatantly obvious?  It's probably because just like us they enjoy their privacy and don't particularly want to be subjected to a public break-up like the one suffered by Rihanna and Chris.

Nonetheless us normal folk love to see these celebs hooking up!!! Why? Because it gives us hope that love is out there.

Here are pics of a few more secret lovers.

Drake and Mahlia ...

Rihanna and Matt Kemp...



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