Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Today I wanted to raise the question, is philanthropy a dirty word? It has come to my attention recently that people would rather discuss their planned or latest materialistic purchases rather than the ways they can or have contributed to improving our world.

To give you a specific example I find that people would rather hear me talk about my Louie V's and Louie B's (that's Louis Vuitton and Christian Louboutin), rather than the way O and I contribute to keeping the worlds poorest children fed an clothed, and assisting their mothers to keep the family home running.

In one of my daily Skype chats with the girls I casually changed the topic from the latest designer threads to feeding children in Mauritius (East Africa) and Nicaragua (Central America). This change in topic didn't go down so well with the ladies.

Some might say it was because of the cocky way that I said...' We aren't doctors but O and I save more lives then the emergency room', however they'd be wrong because this is the way that the girls and I all talk. I'd even say I'm the most reserved out of the lot. If you're weak of heart or over sensitive you really can't roll with us, because chances are your azz will get steam rolled and you'll end up hating us for life loool.

The issue is that our society perceives talks of philanthropy to be boastful or a cover for ulterior motives. Think of all the philanthropy that big names such as Alicia Keys, Angelina Jolie and Madonna have contributed to our society. Despite all of this the majority of people when interviewed believe that, all the adoptions and donations by these people and people like them are merely a cover for all the ho.e ishh they do in their everyday lives.

I would really like to see this reality change over time. I would love to see people displaying the pics of their sponsored children rather their their ride or shoes on Facebook. I would love to see philanthropy become a source of pride for all during my lifetime.



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