Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Radar online released police records that American Idol winner Fantasia attempted to commit suicide last night on an overdose of aspirin and sleep aid. According to her management the reason for her attempted suicide was the relationship she carried on with married T-Mobile employee and Father of two, Antwaun Cook. The on an off affair she carried on with Cook came to a head this week when Antwaun's wife filed for Divorce and cited Fantasia as the trifling, home wrecking ho.oker who caused it all.

Although Fantasia denied the allegations of home wrecking to the media in the past, the accusations of adulterous sex tapes of her and the married man in the documents filed, did not bode well for Antwaun or her.

Well it's always very sad and unfortunate when someone feels so overcome by the circumstances of their life that they feel the need to end it. I do hope that Fantasia will make a swift recovery and will make better choices in her future. After all, she is an extremely talented woman who can do so much better and owes it to herself to find a man all her own rather than destroying other folks relationships.

NOTE TO THE LADIES: Please understand that you never get away with breaking up someone elses relationship. Even if he says oh I'm not as in-love with her as I used to be... blah, blah, blah... you need to back the f.uck off. Because a man will tell you anything to get in your pants and after all is said and done you will be the home wrecking sideline ho.e who lacked self respect, because he WILL go back to the main chick. You will be left standing there like a fool azz ho.e and Karma will with out a doubt cactus jack your azz. Trust and believe it. You never get away with it. Never.



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