Wednesday, August 11, 2010


The daughter of movie star Laurence Fishburne has granted an exclusive interview to E News about life after her s.ex tape. I really didn't want to post a story about this girl because I feel like she is deeply mentally disturbed, with horrible daddy issues; and by covering this story I am somehow contributing to the exploitation of this disturbed child. However I changed my mind after much deliberation because I felt like people are going to watch her s.ex tape regardless and they should at least be able to hear her side of the story.

 I can tell you that her Father is upset with her decision as you might expect but she says her mother supports her decision as long as it makes her happy, even though her mother doesn't necessarily understand it. I think this is the part that aggravates me the most! I mean clearly this child is doing this because she wants attention and the only thing that her mother can say is well if it makes you happy? Seriously WTF? Be a real Mum and slap the out of that girl or have her fool azz medicated or something!

All I can say is that there is no where my daughters can hide if they come to me with that h.oe I would exterminate them.

Click here to watch the interview.



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