Wednesday, November 24, 2010


The Chicago Sun Times says that Christina Milian has secured a $4 million settlement, plus a $5000 a month child support payment from her cheating ho.e of an ex-husband The Dream.

After scandalous photos of The Dream and his assistant Melissa Santiago (who was also a close friend of Christina's) surfaced, it became clear that he was not just an absent father to the then 5 month old daughter he shared with Christina, he was also an absent husband and a cheating ho.e.

As you can see from the pics above he has a thing for skanks with cat streaks in their hair to the point that Christina even changed herself from the beautiful brunette that she was, to the bleached up and crackish looking girl you see above.

I'm happy that Christina was able to get a generous settlement from his cheating as.s and that she has dyed her hair back to a beautiful dark-dark brown. Hopefully she is well on the way back to being her old self, and that the home wrecking puta Melissa Santiago cops a series of b.itch slaps from Karma in the not too distant future.



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