Tuesday, October 25, 2011

R&B veteran Kandi Burrus is the cover girl for Rolling Out magazine. The talented singer, business woman and single-mother discussed her reality show and business principles with the magazine.

On her new reality show
On ‘The Kandi Factory,’ I get to take your average everyday person who may have a dream to become an artist and give them a total makeover. Me and my team of [industry] professionals are going to transform this person by giving them a new song, a new look, a new style, hair, makeup, choreography, everything it takes to be an artist.”

On her business ventures
A lot of my peers, some … are rich, and the next thing they’re broke. I knew that you had to have multiple streams of income to become a millionaire or to stay a millionaire. So that was my thought process; what type of business would I have outside of music? I’ve expanded from music to television projects to personal pleasure products, I’m a business owner, and I also have a new spades app for iTunes, it’s called Kandi Koated Spades.”

On what keeps her motivated
There’s only one queen bee; there are thousands of worker bees. They have a team, they go out and gather the honey, and they do what they are told what to do all the time. I don’t want to be a worker bee. People work that nine-to-five job that they don’t really like or they don’t want to do. But they’re used to getting that check every two weeks and they don’t know what they would do if that check didn’t come.”

“I don’t know if I’ll get a check next week, or next month, but if I go real hard within so many months, I should see something. Sometimes you have to step out on faith and just go for it, [otherwise] you’ll be stuck in the worker bee syndrome forever.”



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