Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beyonce and Solange make Vogue Magazines Best Dressed List

The beautiful Knowles sister's have claimed the #7 spot on Vogue magazines best dressed list. Both women are absolutely talented, accomplished and beautiful in their own right; with a fashion sense that is the polar opposite of the other, yet they both manage to turn heads and set trends where ever they go.

Baby sister Solange has an eclectic fashion sensibility that has evolved over time. She has of late, carved out a distinctive look for herself that is daring and sets her apart from the crowd. Her look can be best described as  tribal chic and suits her perfectly. Beyonce on the other hand is straight up Hollywood glamour. Her undeniable classic beauty and amazing curvy figure are accentuated with luxurious fabrics, glitzy finishes and a million dollar cut. Lately, she has switched it up with a few edgy looks like those she has rocked to the Coachella music festival.


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