Monday, February 27, 2012

Saying Farewell to Whitney Houston

The death of Whitney Houston was mourned by family, friends and fans worldwide. The woman with the best singing voice of our generation passed away at the age of only 48 years old. Houston's death really hit people hard. This pouring out of emotion came as a surprise to most long-time fans like Ninja Daily, who had unfortunately become used to hearing Houston's name used in anti-drug messages and even jokes. 

The world was so hurt by Whitney Houston's death because she represented a part of all of us. What this means is that as the world watched Whitney struggle through her difficult marriage with ex Bobby Brown, try to kick a drug habit and make her comeback to the music world; we were all reminded of that part of us that was also fighting for our second chance. We always assume that there is more time, that tomorrow will be the day that we turn it all around and make good on all of those promises we made to ourselves and the ones we love. We were all rooting for her big comeback, for that follow-up interview with Oprah Winfrey where a much older Whitney would reveal the secrets behind how she overcame it all. When she passed away however, it made us all acutely aware of our mortality and the pressing need to get our own lives right before it was too late.

Whitney gave so much to this world. She influenced over 3 decades of music, musicians and her musical footprint will undoubtedly be on centuries more. She achieved mind blowing success as an artist and as a person she was loved by her friends and family for her sweet and caring demeanor. Those who have watched Whitney's life closely will agree that she had started to make her final comeback. She made it out of her tumultuous relationship, had taken steps to acknowledge that she had a drug problem and was working hard on rebuilding her career through new movie roles like the one she played in 'Sparkle'.

Whitney Houston was the real representation of  the genius, humanity and  fight that are the inner qualities that we all possess. For these reasons people from all over the world can identify with her and can't help but mourn the loss of such an amazing talent.


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