Sunday, February 5, 2012

Why Do Single People & Miserable Couples Hate Valentines Day?

Valentines Day (VDay), the day of love is right around the corner and all of the haters are coming out of the woodwork's to complain about it. In a time when our young kids are committing suicide due to bullying from people half as smart and a quarter as talented, when more marriages than ever are collapsing into a divorce, when we are drowning in struggling single parent households, when people would rather go to war than to take a minute for peace; there are people who will boldly hate on the day of love. They think that more hate is going to heal the hurt, that other people's hate has left them with 

You don't have to love VDay, but you have to agree that more then ever, we need an excuse to spread love in a world that is so deeply consumed with hate. Despite what the media and some fools tell you, it doesn't have to be just about romantic love. More on that below.

My regular readers know that the title of this post is dripping with sarcasm. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out why single people and miserable couples hate VDay. Even blind Freddy can see that it's their bitterness and jealousy that makes them hate. These people have even come up with a list of standard reasons justifying why they think the day of love 'sucks' or should get 'fucked'. Needless to say, the only people they have managed to convince are themselves.

1. They say VDay is all about consumerism:

Mind you these are the same people who just spent a GWAP on Christmas, will complain if they don't get showered with gifts on their birthday and will max out their credit cards on designer gear when they are still living at their mothers house. Hypocrites much?! So what's their problem with VDay? The most obvious reason why they are mad is because they feel excluded from the holiday. They may not be in a relationship or they maybe in a unhappy relationship, so the thought of a day devoted to LOVE terrifies them. Consequently, they act out in anger and hateration. What's the solution you ask?

It's simple really. Include yourself in the day. Vday doesn't have to be just about celebrating romantic love, it's about celebrating any person in your life who has shown you what UNCONDITIONAL LOVE really is.

When I used to be single a very, Very long-time ago; my best friend and I used to celebrate Vday with my mother. She is the ultimate example of unconditional love in my life. We would get each other cute little girlie presents, go out for a Chinese banquet and have a wonderful time. If you are single or in a strained relationship, surround yourself with whoever represents unconditional love in your life. It might be your best friend, parents, cousins, brother and so forth; there is no need for you to feel like you have no love to celebrate just because your romantic life is not at it's best. Don't be a typical bitter hater of Vday, just because you lack the creativity and love of life that it takes to make every moment count.

2. They say Vday is redundant because people in-love should spoil each other all year round:

One question? Who said that couples are not spoiling each other year round? Just because you're surrounded by douche bags who would sooner hit the pub, pilates or whatever else than spend a second with their partner; doesn't mean that all couples are like this.

If you're in a relationship where your partner is not expressing their love for you daily through hugs, kisses, quality time, cute little gifts and the occasional stacks on; the chances are you might fit the description of someone who would hate Vday. If you are single talking all this mess? What makes you qualified to give advice to people in a relationship? The answer is nothing, so quit it faker.

3. Whatever other loser reason they come up with:

The standard response to this is >Whatevz loser<. Their perfect person might be out there admiring them from a distance, only to find that when Vday comes around they turn into a whining A hole. This perfect person then thinks to themselves wow this chick/dude is a massive hater, and I don't want anyone like that in my life. A negative attitude can cancel out even the prettiest face.

Look it's natural to feel a certain way about Vday when you are single or in an unhappy relationship. It's perfectly acceptable to wish that your situation was different and even to pray on it. The only problem is when you turn a temporary situation (being unhappily single or coupled up), into a permanent personality trait (being a hater consumed with negativity and complaining). If you find yourself leaning towards this type of situation, take a moment to really appreciate the love that you already have in your life. Take the emphasis off yourself and come up with ways that you can make a less fortunate persons Vday memorable, rather than being consumed by how miserable your life is. An example of how to do this is, finding a widowed elderly woman through your charitable network, and sending her a handmade card along with a box of chocolates.

Think about it. Any reason to spread love, is all the reason this world really needs.


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