Friday, April 27, 2012

Ninja Fave: Moesha (Classic TV)

MO to the E to tha.

Growing up I was a huge fan of the Moesha show. I recall missing high school parties and dates to stay home and watch Moesha on the weekend. I would record each episode on a special VCR tape marked Moe DO NOT DELETE !!! I would watch the episodes over and over again.

I looked up to Brandy and she was the reason that I wore my hair in braids from the age of 13 to 20 years old. Also because braids were just way easier to maintain. Seeing the recent episode of Behind the Music featuring Brandy had me reminiscing on the days of Moesha and how much I used to love Brandy back then. Even though I'm a grown woman now, I can't help but still love the work she does.

Here are 3 of the many episodes I used to love (in no particular order)


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