Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daily Inspiration: Cheaters Never Prosper

If you are older than 17 years old, chances are you have cheated on someone and someone has cheated on you. This is an inevitable albeit very sad fact of life. Even if you never caught them in the act or vice versa, it doesn't mean that the cheating didn't take place.

This post is not about acting holier than thou, it's about saying that even though cheating is unfortunately inevitable; we still need to be sensitive with how we deal with it especially where the victim is concerned.

You may not realize it that when you cheat on someone (especially if they find out about it), that you are killing off a part of them that can never be restored. That person will be irrevocably changed and scarred by the event. It doesn't mean that they won't forgive you and chances are that once they overcome the shock and heartache they will be a tougher s.o.b for it. The point is that it is really deeper than what our society wants to admit.

So why is this an inspirational quote? It's inspirational because if you can understand the psychological and emotional impact of cheating, it may cause you to think twice before doing so, or even to handle it with more dignity after the fact. Instead of denying you might admit and even apologise. Who knows?

PS: Nooo to the crazies who think I am posting this because I have recently been cheated on. I have been cheated on before and I have cheated on someone before but it is not related to this post. The post is because when we are in a relationship we realise that infidelity is always a possibility, however we choose to give our trust anyway because love would not have it any other way.


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