Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Ninja Fave: LizLizLive Makeup Tutorial Videos

One of my guilty pleasures is watching the makeup and beauty tutorials on Youtube. I never actually put any of the information into practice because frankly I'm far too lazy for all of that, and my boo has convinced me that he prefers the natural look (code for he just want me to hurry the hell up when we're going out). However, I am thoroughly entertained by the creativity and the artistry of the young women behind these videos. Two of my fave beauty channels are LizLizLive (pictured above) and nguerriero19 .

 LizLizLive is a gorgeous girl from London whose lilting British accent and skillful beauty tutorials keep me and millions of other watchers entertained for hours. She also wears oversized pearl stud earrings that look exactly like mine, which I thought was a cool coincidence. nguerriero19 is equally as entertaining but for completely different reasons. She has the most hilarious makeup faces and a quirky attitude that I can really relate to. Plus her make up and beauty tutorials are top notch.

Check out some of LizLizLive 's videos below;

Pink and Gold Barbie makeup (I want to try this look for my birthday party)


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