Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Frank Ocean Comes Out Admits he is Gay

Über talented singer and song writer Frank Ocean will reportedly out himself as a gay man on his upcoming album 'Chanel Orange'. According to several insiders who have heard the album in its entirety, Ocean has dedicated several of his love songs to former male loves by using 'him' instead of 'her'.

If these reports are in fact true and not just a publicity stunt to boost sales of his soon to be released album; we congratulate Frank on living out his truth, for being proud of how God made him and for demanding that others love him just as he is.

There are many extremely famous, undercover homosexual R n B singers and rappers in the industry who have chosen to represent themselves as heterosexual, this of course is their prerogative. However it is rather refreshing to hear that there might still be people out there who will stand up for what is right even if they are standing alone.

If these reports are proven to be true, I hope that all the ladies who had professed their undying love to Frank Ocean will now respect him even more, because he has the courage to live in his truth.


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