Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Frank Ocean has Officially Come out as Gay on his Tumblr Page

We broke the news to you yesterday that the amazingly talented Frank Ocean might be outing himself as a homosexual on his upcoming album 'Chanel Orange'.

Well it is now official that Frank Ocean has admitted to being a gay man through his Tumblr account.

In a poetic open letter, Frank Ocean has detailed the events leading up to his realisation that he is a gay man. He eloquently described how the joy of falling in love for the first time was sharply contrasted by the pain he felt when the male object of his affection denied his love and continued to carry on a facade with his girlfriend. The open letter is an epic love story of sorts, with emotional crescendos that will prompt a gifted readers tears to fall. The most poignant parts were when Frank laments upon the many women he has been with before, thinking that he loved them, but then realising that he had no clue what love was until he fell in love with the man who it turns out is his unrequited love.

Shout out to Frank for being so real. I think I am a bigger fan of his work now than I was before, if that is even possible.

Read his open letter below (you can click to enlarge) ... If the zoom isn't working for you read the full letter here


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