Sunday, July 29, 2012

Funny Pick: Drake Said he is the First Person to Successfully Rap and Sing

Drake must have really been "on one" or two, or three or even six when he apparently went on record to say that he is;

"... the first person to successfully rap and sing"

It was during an interview with the Jewish Chronicle that Drake allegedly made these laughable comments. Maybe Drake felt like he could make such a statement to this publication because they may not be well versed on the history of hip-hop and rap music, hence they would not call him out? Who knows, I mean maybe he really thinks that? Maybe he is just young and uninformed?

I'm sure Lauryn Hill is somewhere laughing whilst singing;

"Not a game new under the sun, everything you did has already been done".

Whilst Andre 3000 chimes in with "Hey yaaa"

Or is Drakes laughable assertion a sign of the generation that he is brought up in? A generation that refuses to pay homage and loves to front like they were the ones who did it first. At what point does the more experienced generation tell them hey "we been had this", your crib, your whip, your parties, your kicks and everything about the way you live... man we been doing this shit since 96. What's more is we learned it all from folks who've been doing it since 1904 and way before. 

The reason I ask this question is because " the children really are our future" *in the beautiful Whitney Houston's voice*, and we really don't want to kill their confidence before they have a chance to transition from a sapling to a tree. Is it even worth setting them straight? You know what they say about trying to teach a pig how to sing...

An example I have of a remotely similar incident in my life is a discussion with a 17 year old (they brought up the topic) about the late, great Bob Marley. This 17 year old and their friends who range in age from 16 to 27 years of age insisted that they are the ultimate Bob Marley fans. They insisted that no one is as far into Bob Marley's music as them. I just chilled, watched T.V, munched on some bomb poudine mais (Mauritian desert) and let them talk. I didn't bother explaining to them that I have been a fan of Mr. Marley since 1984, they were not even alive at that time and if they were, they were still in diapers struggling to get their first words out. I didn't bother telling them that my grandfather used to dance to "One Love" with me since I was 2 years old and how my grandfather spent almost a weeks wages just to cop the track in 1966. How can you explain almost 25 years of being a Bob Marley fan to someone who wasn't even alive then? Sometimes you've just got to let them figure it out for themselves and hope that in time, they will leave the delusional stage that they're in far behind. Until then just sit back and laugh as they make outrageous claims about music and pretty much everything else, to people who are far less chill than yourself. Don't sweat it, it's pretty funny when you think about it. Remember that you were young and naive once too.

I said all of that to simply say; Drake is a great artist and I have almost all of his songs on my playlist. However all of his best songs combined don't hold a candle to Lauryn Hill's "Turn your lights down low", "Killing Me Softly", "Can't Take my eyes off of you" or Andre 3000's "Hey ya". Even though Ms. Hill and Andre 3 stacks are legends in their own right, they still manage to pay homage to the ones who came before them and to the ones who did it all before them.

If Drake really did make this statement- I say this because he may have been misquoted, or he may retract his statement at a later date - then he 'gon learn today' *Kevin Hart voice*


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