Sunday, July 29, 2012

Look to Express and Not to Impress

Everyone has those moments when they get caught up trying to keep up with the Jones's. Using your energy to do what makes you happy rather then what you think will make people envy you, ensures that this moment won't turn into a bad habit.

Trying to impress others can leave you feeling exhausted, empty and living a life that lacks any real meaning. Don't waste your time and your energy on such pointless pursuits.

Do the things that you love. If you love surfing the net and eating chocolate, then do that shit, don't worry about impressing people with your staged "social butterfly" status. If you love writing short stories about love and spaceships, then write that shit. Don't waste time writing in-depth political analysis that bores you to tears, simply to impress people who are not really thinking of anybody but themselves

Live your life to express your love. Spend none of your energy trying to impress people who don't mean much.


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