Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta - Episode 7

Here is episode 7 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta for those who missed it. In this episode we find out why Stevie J (aka Steebie J as Joseline Hernandez calls him) and Mimi are so fucked up. I mean we are all fucked up, but having issues with a bad mother will fuck you all the way up.

Karlie Redd and Benzino are doing way too much lool. They are a cute couple and all but come on, you've known each other for half a second talking bout you love each other. Please take several seats and recline yourself with that high school BS. K Michelle caught herself riding some big bowling balls and trying to front like she ain't like it the morning after and Lil Scrappy is still on that child support mess. He's acting like $3000 in a bank account is enough to cover a child's needs. Dude is as funny as his awkwardly placed tatts.

I haven't really picked a clear favourite from the cast. In the original Love and Hip Hop series my faves were Olivia and Chrissy. However, Chrissy lost me about half-way through the series because she kept on getting into physical altercations for no good reason. I'm all for defending yourself and what not, but it gets to a certain age where you must learn to use your words. Fist fights and silent treatments are for weak bitches who lack communication and conflict resolution skills. It's for basic bitches really.

If I had to pick a fave I'd say Erica and Benzino. Folks say Erica is kinda of ghetto but let's be real, K Michelle and Joseline are the ghetto ones, but you know how the propaganda machine goes... Erica and Benzino seem to be a little more chill and level headed than the rest. Although Erica did create the beef between Steebie J and Scrappy, Scrappy's hood rat mum did not help matters much either talking bout "Check him". Other than that Erica has been kind of a cool cat for the most part. Benzino's level headed love advice to Steebie J's fool ass gets him fave points as well.

My least favourite character - like the rest of the world - is Joseline. She's a home wrecking, hot ass mess.

Enjoy the show and try to keep the fact that it is mostly scripted in the back of your head.


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