Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Oprah Checks a Fool on Twitter who said she doesn't do Enough for the Ghetto

Why do people - some black men in particular - feel they are entitled to Oprah Winfrey's money? Could this be the same sense of foolish entitlement that keeps young adults living at their parents house well after the age of 21?

Some crazy ass twitter user took it upon himself to ask Oprah when she is going to give back to the American ghetto's? Oprah tweeted back with an eloquent but sharp response that explained she had been giving back to the American ghetto's in the form of university scholarships for 500 African American men, and then challenged him to explain what he had done to help. Peep the tweet below...

Of course the crazy ass tweeter couldn't reply with anything of note that he had done for the ghetto, instead he launched into a diatribe about all the reasons why Oprah should be doing more in America before doing anything abroad (ie. implying that the $50 million plus she had spent to educate young South African girls should have been spent on the American ghetto's).

Isn't it funny that some black men have for decades ridiculed Oprah through music, television and other forms of media - they have clowned her for her skin tone, weight and for dating a light skin black man who earns less money than her- yet these same fools are the first to ask for a hand out? If I was Oprah I wouldn't give these kneegrows one red cent. I would tell them to go see those chicken headed yellow bones they had praised so highly for all of their donation needs. It's a good thing Oprah is a far better person than I.

I do agree that the American ghetto's can use all of the help they can get and if this does lead Oprah to do more, than that is a great thing. However, people should have the right to donate to the causes that speak to their heart.

Many people disagree with the fact that I use my money to support a Nicaraguan girls orphanage, a Ghanian rural food project, a Mauritian creole girls foundation and the most adorable 6 year old cherub from Swaziland, when I live in Australia and not in those countries. They feel like my money could be better spent funding the RSPCA (also a worthwhile cause) to support animals living in Australia. I'm not saying all of this to stunt, I'm saying it to prove that no matter how little or how much you do there is always gonna be some bitch who wants to complain, when they ain't doing shit but faux balling whilst still living at their parents house. 


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