Monday, August 27, 2012

Ipod Update: Wildest Dreams by Brandy

The stunning Brandy Norwood aka Brandy aka Bran is back with some banging new music. This one is for my old heads who were real fans of her music going back to Afrodisiac, Full Moon and her earliest days.

They have managed to re-vamp her image with out totally deleting the trademark Brandy vibe. That in itself, it no easy feat. I mean just look at that album cover art pictured above, there is no denying that Brandy is back with a vengeance. The woman looks absolutely breathtaking. She is giving me life and taking my breath away all in one loool. I just hope that her album sales reflect how truly gifted she is.

This single will be available for purchase through Itunes on the 28/8 .


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