Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ninja Fave: The Best of the London Olympics 2012

The London Olympics 2012 was a spectacular event that captured the hearts of millions worldwide, even those who are not really sports fanatics. 

There were so many amazing, history making moments that will not soon be forgotten.

Ninja Daily's absolutely fave moment of the 2012 Olympics was the complete and utter domination of athletics by the Jamaicans. History was made and records were broken.

Other notable moments included Serena Williams crip walk after winning gold in women's tennis and then sweeping gold for women's doubles with her sister Venus.

Gabby Douglas's history making performance in women's gymnastics was another unforgettable Olympic moment. The 16 year old nabbed two gold medals in the individual and all round competition. She made history by being the first woman of colour and African American to achieve such a feat.

Last but not least is the U.S men's basketball team, who put on a nail biter against Spain to take out the Gold. Their celebration was part of what made it all so memorable. Check out their winners pic below... so much gangsta lean. Love it.


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